Responsible business

We distinguish ourselves by our membership of SEDEX. The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is a global collaborative platform on responsible entrepreneurship. It helps in collecting and sharing data on labor practices in the industrial chain.
SEDEX members demonstrably work, in addition to the principles of the ETI Base Code (= Ethical Trading Initiative), towards the Best Practice Guidance, using the SMETA audit system on performance with regard to labor law, suppliers, environment, sustainability and the implementation there from.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been assessed by EcoVadis and has a 'silver' status with 58 points. From 61 points, 'gold' is awarded.

In addition, we monitor our CSR policy using the CSR balance in 10 indicators divided over 5 themes.

Our policy is aimed at improving our environmental performance and reducing our energy consumption.
To get a good picture of this, we have the Environmental barometer in use, and we monitor our consumption and waste flows.

Our CO2-footprint in the reference year 2015 was 274 tons of CO2.
Our growth in year 2018 resulted in emissions of 291 tons of CO2. This is due to longer production times, growing demand for good glue, investments in a heating cabinet and digital systems and more employees. The relative footprint has decreased compared to the reference year. Installing solar panels and the transition to electric transport will continue the downward trend.

Overview new solar panels 2021

Intercol adhesives production solar panels

Placement of the first solar panels May 2019