Filter production

Intercol has an extensive and market-proven range of adhesives for the filter industry. Whether it concerns filter plates, spacers, filter bag seal or filter housing, we have the right adhesives for you…

Our high quality range of hot melt adhesives are designed to meet the standards of manufacturers around the world such as:

  • Optimize your adhesive stock thanks to the broad performance profile of our products. Fewer species, less stock
  • A better working environment for your staff, due to low odour, less smoke and non-toxic hot melt adhesives.
    Reduced air pollution, with proven products with low outgassing.
  • Maximize your production efficiency and reduce your maintenance costs with non-corrosive, non-charring, hassle-free products.
  • Boost the performance of your filters, so you can sell more widely than you've ever had, with adhesives based on the latest polymer technologies that combine high heat resistance, flexibility and exceptional adhesion.

All this, combined with our dedicated research and development departments,
Technical and sales teams and production facilities on a global scale, demonstrates:
our commitment to you and the filter market.


EHM 6252

  • High heat resistance
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • White or unpigmented natural colour

EHM 8012

  • Fast settin gused for increased line speeds
  • High heat resistance for demanding applications
  • Flexibility to hold larger pleats

EHM 9794

  • Low outgassing for medical and clean rooms
  • Fast melt rated intended for high speed applications
  • Suitable on thermally sensitive materials

EHM 9848

  • Ultra high heat resistance
  • Maintains rigidity at higher ambient temperatures
  • High adhesion, designed for difficult to bond surfaces


EHM 8064

  • Non-blocking
  • Open time suitable for most applications
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures
  • Viscosity to match a variety of line speeds

EHM 8738

  • Fast speed of set for fast processing speeds
  • Low viscosity for reduced application temperature
  • Resistance to increase ambient temperatures


EHM 6530

  • Pressure sensitive (PSA), permanent tack for long open time processes
  • High tack to aid manual application
  • Increased peel values for bond integrity and sealing

EHM 6448

  • Medium to long open time for slower line speeds or start-up
  • Good temperature resistance properties to match most applications
  • Good adhesion to most substrates

EHM 9528