Packaging Glues (Food Safe)

Every year, thousands of top food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaged goods manufacturers rely on our specially formulated adhesives to optimize their process and create a reliable adhesive bond. The right choice of glue takes into account the great differentiation in materials and shapes in order to enable an optimal product presentation. We have taken this performance to a whole new level with our Polyolefin hotmelt range.

Polyolefin Hot Melts

The Polyolefin hot melt adhesive range has taken the performance of packaging adhesives to a new level. Technically advanced and exceptionally versatile, these polyolefin hot melt packaging adhesives can be used with most machines, materials and packaging sizes.

Special hot melts

We also produce adhesives specially formulated for use in the most demanding case fabrication, cartoning and tray forming applications. In addition, Intercol is aware of the need for secure, sealed and tamper-evident packaging for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and supplies adhesives that provide exceptional packaging construction and bond strength.

In response to the demands of the fast-growing convenience food sector, we have developed adhesives that adhere strongly to coated surfaces and withstand temperatures down to -40°C. In addition, our clean-running adhesives can be applied accurately at high speeds, making them ideal for dust-tight packaging for detergents, breakfast cereals, seeds, pet food and other powder products.

Brief overview of packaging hot melts

In this PDF we show schematically, briefly and clearly the various options of our standard range of packaging hotmelts

  • Water-based packaging adhesives
  • Vegetable/Fruit boxes industry
  • Box sealing adhesives
  • Aseptic Applications
  • Coffee cup production
  • Paper carrier bags
  • Laminating adhesives
  • Shipping boxes
  • spacers
  • Bio-based