Product Assembly

The applications in product assembly are very wide. The requirement for the adhesive bond or thermoplastic filler is therefore very different per application. It can be a combination of hardness, flexibility, heat or cold resistance and so on.

Intercol offers adhesives, casting resins and hot melts for:

A better line-up, whatever the production.

Intercol knows hot melt adhesives mean that manufacturers can noticeably improve product quality and appearance because they can dispense with nails, screws and other unsightly fixings.

Automotive applications

The automotive industry uses our Prodas range of adhesives to bond foam, acoustic composites, trim, headliner components and other sub assembly products. We have also successfully developed hot melt adhesives to provide exceptional longevity, superior adhesion to a wide range of metals and plastics and the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 120°C.

Build it and they will come.

Whatever the assembly line materials, Beardow Adams answers the needs of leading manufacturers. Our hot melt adhesives are suitable for bonding almost any material to itself or other substrates.
Ever adaptive and flexible to use, our hot melts are available in different forms to suit many applications and application machinery. These include:
• Automotive • Filters • Mattress foam bonding and pocket springs • White goods and electronics
• Insulation • Construction and civil engineering
• Foam lamination (underlay) • Gasketing
Whatever the application, we can meet the challenges like no-one else. If we don't have a product that meets the need, we'll formulate one.

Bond more products

Substantial research and development investment has continued to build our reputation for innovative hot melts for product assembly:
• Excellent adhesion to most substrates
• Suitable for high speed production
• Application by slot, roller, jet or spray
• Immediate bonds on cooling
• Versatile open times to suit process
• High tensile strength
• Good heat resistance
• Excellent low temperature bonding

Our high performance hot melts also satisfy the need for automotive adhesives to be resistant to temperature fluctuations and vibration
Intercols hot melt adhesives for foam and fabric bonding are non-toxic, non-fuming and odor free
Our adhesives are also used to adhere gaskets to the underside of dishwashers and to fill gaps in the assembly of fridges and freezers prior to the application of polyurethane foam .