Adhesive Hot Melts (PSA)

Intercol has developed an extensive range of PSA hot-melt adhesives. Used in countless adhesive, product assembly and converting applications around the world, these adhesives are proven and trusted by manufacturers and consumers alike.

PSA hot melt testing and applications

Self-adhesive labels

Our PSA hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are specially formulated to provide exceptional performance on self-adhesive labels. As a result, they can be used to securely adhere paper, metal foil, plastic film, fabric and non-woven labels to glass, paper, cardboard, metal and ceramic surfaces. This means you can rely on the right balance of shear, peel and tack required for any application.

Many unique applications

Pressing hot melt adhesives for self-adhesive coatings are now an essential component in the production of adhesive tapes, art panels, bag and envelope closures and even insect traps. We also produce dry peel adhesives that allow layered labels to be easily removed from the packaging while the underlying label remains intact.

Our converting expertise also extends to heat-activatable hotmelts for coatings and laminates. These products are widely used in the dry peel, footwear, sacks, pouches and trapping tape industries.

Production of shipping boxes with self-adhesive hotmelt closure