Adhesives for diapers and incontinence care

Intercol has developed an innovative, high-performance range of hotmelts for the diverse and challenging non-woven and hygiene industry. Thanks to our expert knowledge, we can combine product knowledge and application knowledge for optimal results

Our range of hot melt adhesives are practical, durable and skin-friendly products. They have been developed to provide optimum adhesion to the non-woven, absorbent and support materials used in the construction of diapers and incontinence care products. In addition to providing the strength needed to hold the underlayments securely together to stop leakage and ensure the diaper or underpad maintains its shape, our adhesives ensure the product stays in place comfortably as they are flexible, allowing movement is.

Non Woven Construction hot melt adhesives

Our various hot melts are designed to permanently bond non-woven materials together, while other hot melt adhesives are used to bond elastic strands to the material to create elastic leg cuffs. Rest assured that our hot melt will hold the elastic securely in place, while still providing a secure, comfortable, non-leakage product.

Non-woven Diaper elastic hot melt adhesive

The extensive hot melt adhesive range offers strong adhesion, high elasticity, good shape retention, no odor and both a light color and a light appearance, while avoiding damage or staining of materials. The adhesives can be applied using a variety of different methods, depending on the requirements.

The global hygiene market is under a lot of pressure with high expectations for growing industries such as adult incontinence, but Intercol's promise is to keep pushing boundaries and bring only the best possible products to customers.

Our diaper and incontinence pad adhesives are specially formulated to provide consistent performance during production and complete bonding security at end use.