Feminine Hygiene Adhesives

Intercol's range of hot melt adhesives for the non-woven industry are designed and manufactured with the utmost care to ensure that our customers are more than happy with the results every time they receive a delivery.

Comfort is key in our skin-friendly hot melt range as the adhesives are largely used in the production of feminine hygiene products.

feminine hygiene – non-woven adhesives

Our popular hot melt feminine hygiene adhesives are clean running, odor free and flexible - allowing the wearer to move comfortably and confidently, while still feeling and being protected.

EHM-C 6042 can be used for the adhesive positioning strip for garments for feminine hygiene industry and other similar products. EHM-C 6042 is discreet as it is an almost colorless adhesive, designed to provide an optimal level of adhesion while still being removable. The adhesive is supplied in our efficient block format so it can be processed with a wide range of hot melt melting equipment and its viscosity allows it to be applied cleanly to spraying and spraying equipment.

EHM-C 6002, 6004 and 6006 have been developed for the permanent bonding of nonwoven materials, such as those found in the feminine hygiene industry. The adhesives have different properties such as different viscosities to meet different customer requirements.

Our hot melt adhesives - used in the manufacture of products such as sanitary towels - are known for their good dimensional stability and high adhesive strength and elasticity, while maintaining product integrity. With our feminine hygiene adhesives you are assured of excellent adhesion, a colorless glue line, an odor free environment, no damage or stains to materials and no blockages in the finished product.