Biodegradeable biobased adhesive for laminating

PR 0763 is a biobased and biodegradable adhesive for paper and carton laminations. It might be suitable for wood and other porous our cellulosic materials


This product is suited for use in the labeling and laminating sector.

Technical data

Materials : Suited for bonding on cardboard and paper.
Application : Suited for inline and carousel roller systems.
Application at : 20 – 30°C
Specialties: Newtonian.
: Emulsifiable.
Specific properties:
Composition : Adhesive based on dextrin.
Brookfield viscosity : 15000 mPa s (HAT; spindle 6; 20 rpm; 20 °C)
Solid content : 68.5 %
pH : 7
Non-dried up adhesive can be removed with cold water and special cleaner.
30 L bucket – 1000 L container.

Storage and shelf life

Keep the adhesive sealed and frost free, preferably at room temperature. The shelf life of the product is twelve
months after production. Stir well before use. The glue can change color over time. This does not affect the quality
of the adhesive.
Recommendations in this bulletin related to technical application are given in good faith and to the best of
our knowledge. They must be considered as indication without guarantee, as the storage, handling and
application of the product takes place beyond our control. All our adhesives and datasheets comply with EC
Regulation (REACH) 1907/2006 art.31.
Intercol adhesives are not intended to be applied using air brushing / spraying equipment. Warning statements P 260
and P 261 do therefore not apply under normal, intended use of these adhesives