Diaper wipes and cleaning wipes packaging glue

Thanks to our unparalleled knowledge and expertise, Intercol has developed a wide range of unique hot melts for the non-woven sector. Within this diverse and demanding market, we produce adhesives for applications such as feminine hygiene, assembly, diapers and incontinence care, medical drapes, ostomy care and wet wipe covers.

Glue closure on plastic bag

Adhesive intercols for attaching the closure to wet wipe bags adhere the plastic lid securely to the wet wipe packs, keeping the wipes moist inside and not drying out. We recommend EHM 9654 to most of our customers seeking an adhesive for this application as it is great at bonding the tricky, glossy and slippery substrates of typical wet wipe packaging.

Sealing bags – heat resistance test

Low-odor hot melt

Designed to spray clean, be water white and low odour, EHM 9654 helps maximize production and maintains strength and adhesion – even after repeated use. This fast-melting hotmelt, which can be used at low temperatures, is a versatile quality because this hotmelt is also successful in mattress construction!

A very flexible hot melt

EHM 8134 is Intercol's hot melt adhesive that is suitable for flexible substrates such as wet wipe packaging. Therefore, this grade is also very versatile and is used for the labeling of carbonated drinks, where its clean-running properties allow high line speeds, and paper bags and patch windows. EHM 8134 offers manufacturers excellent pick-up qualities, combined with high adhesion.

Developing special hotmelt?

Intercol has several ranges that overlap in the non-woven sector. Contact us today with your specific application so we can find the ideal grade for your wet wipe adhesive needs: info@intercol.nl