Folding carton

Intercol offers a very wide range of folding carton adhesives. We also offer specific adhesives for the following applications:

Glue folding cardboard

Unique compositions

Intercol has a wide standard range of adhesives, distinctive in:

  • Adhesion range (standard folding carton, or e.g. laminated, coated or lacquered.
  • Drying speed
  • Machine Speeds
  • Duration of regular machine stops (possibly in combination with the drying speed)
  • Water resistance
  • Price wish

Most spray systems today are based on HP (High Pressure), plunger pump driven systems. Conventional pressure vessel systems usually require adapted adhesives.

Our spray adhesives

  • Offer a sophisticated stop-start performance (smooth starting after microstops)
  • Are splash-free, keeping the machine clean and avoiding internal adhesives
  • Available in different binding speeds
  • Make folding gluing machines produce much more efficiently (see this article).
Wheel & roller adhesives are well thought out

Wheel & roller adhesives are designed for stability, prevention of dry running and clean processing on the machine.

Spray Adhesives For Folding Cardboard

Wheel & Roller Adhesives