Glue for stoma products

Intercol's range of adhesives for the non-woven and hygiene industry are reliable, skin-friendly and flexible to ensure freedom of movement. Ostomy care is just one of many areas in the medical sector where our specific, market-proven adhesives play a vital role in supporting and making the people who rely on our products comfortable.

Our soft and conformable adhesives can be used on up to seven different areas within a single ostomy product. Whether it is an adhesion promoter in a hydrocolloid dressing, to adhere a nonwoven material to a medical construction, to hold a medical filter in place or to make a construction rigid.

We offer both rubber-based and polyolefin adhesive formulations in a range of viscosities, supported by relevant skin contact approvals, ensuring Intercol has the products to suit your application. In addition, our specialized research and development team has designed our range of ostomy adhesives to have just the right level of adhesion required for each specific use.

EHM-C is our range of high-quality, durable hot melt adhesives for the non-woven industry. Intercol's EHM-C range covers areas such as feminine hygiene, diapers and incontinence care, wet wipes, medical drapes and stoma care. These adhesives exhibit high adhesion not only to non-woven materials, but also to film backing sheets and the various other absorbent materials used; they keep the structure safe during use.

EHM-C 6002 is designed for the permanent bonding of non-woven materials. It is used in the feminine hygiene and diaper construction industries, as well as in ostomy care where the properties and performance benefits of the adhesive can be useful. EHM-C 6002 is discreet as it is a water white product, does not irritate normal skin and has a low odor – ideal for use in ostomy care. This adhesive is manufactured in our block format, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of hot melt tank equipment.