Intercol's label adhesives are tested on many points, it is important that no malfunctions arise from the use of the adhesive. In practice, every machine type and every packaging has its own ideal glue. Naturally, you want to use one type of glue in your factory as much as possible. Our technical people and developers can take stock of what you use and provide you with the best advice. We have a lot of experience with gluing on rotating and longitudinal conveyors labeling machines.

Label adhesives

  • Glass
  • can
  • PP/PE/PET bottles
  • Cardboard
  • Self-adhesive labels

  • Cold Glue Labeling
    • Roundwalker (Krones)
    • Inline (Langguth)
    • Rollthrough (cold glue, masking)
  • Hot Melt Labeling
  • Self-adhesive labels

Intercol offers adhesives for both plastic and paper labels for labeling:

Standard Labeling Hot Melts

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