Intercol has various laminating adhesives, cold glue (EVOH), acrylates, psa hot melt, PUR hot melt, polyolefin and polyesters.

Hot melt technique

With Hotmelt laminating technique, it is possible to laminate with panels or from roll to roll with different substrates. Our network includes organizations that can produce standard at a maximum working width of 250 cm. The glue application can be completed with a smooth roller made of stainless steel, rubber or engraving roller. For example, an even adhesive film coating can be achieved by means of a dot coating, or spot gluing. Depending on the required flexibility and a breathable function, the right adhesive and bonding technique can be used.

Flatbed processes

With the flatbed technique, products can be laminated from roll to roll or processed as sheet. These machines often work with hot melt or a powder spreader that is heated with infrared technology. With this technique powder, film, web and net substrates can be converted.