Less glue use as a solution for raw material shortages

More than ever, the importance of saving raw materials is important. Many existing adhesive applications can do with less adhesive due to the correct machine settings and determining the minimum quantities.


Not only do delivery reliability and finances look better with glue savings, less use of materials means a better environment in many ways. The effects in the logistics chains, such as those of packaging, to the food packer, to the retailer and the end user. Every gram of saving counts at least 4x in transport and in margin.

Dots instead of stripes

Dot gluing saves 30% to 70% of the adhesive. By properly adjusting hot melt and cold glue heads, this is easy to process and speeds can sometimes be even higher due to a more initial adhesive force of the glue. The glue dries or cools faster.

Anti-slip instead of pallet wrapping film

Anti-slip is often used with one of our hot melt adhesives. By using hot melt to fix boxes, trays or bags on a pallet, the use of pallet film can be greatly reduced or even completely unnecessary.

Temporary bonding of products in the FMCG

The temporary bonding of products, portion packs, six-packs or other bundles can also be done well by means of hot melt bonding. You may be familiar with the pass that you receive with a letter. The card is removable from the letter, but remains fixed just right. This can also be achieved with bundle packaging in the FMCG sector.