Non-slip pockets

Hot melt is a very efficient way to apply anti-slip to bags.

bag pallets stabilization with hot melt

Securing/stabilizing loads of bags and boxes on pallets is becoming increasingly important. In many countries and for many clients, new regulations and/or changes in the law are being implemented for the transport of goods by truck, train, boat or plane, but internal logistics are also an important point, as is the responsible use of materials.

Pallet stabilization

The economic damage due to additional work, repacking, accidents, losses or damage is considerable in relation to the simple solution with hot melt. In addition to the direct savings of money and image damage, environmental impact and the reduction of waste can play an important role.

Often a better alternative than foil and sheets

Intercol is a specialist in the field of hot melt adhesives. With unique anti-slip hot melts developed by Intercol, you can prevent damage and improve customer satisfaction and efficiency. For the installation of these anti-slip palletising systems, International works together with permanent partners who have experience with the installation of stabilization hot melt in logistics lines.