Paper pallet wrapping?

Are you considering paper pallet wrapping instead of plastic wrapping film because of environmental benefits? You can achieve an even lower environmental impact by using anti-slip adhesives. By applying a number of non-slip glue stripes on bags and/or boxes on a pallet, a bond is created that can withstand strong shear forces.

Hotmelt, the standard pallet stabilization

Many pallets have already been stabilized using hot melt glue. Due to the different types available here, strong to slightly adhesive in combination with the glue pattern and the glue volume, an ideal adjustment can almost always be found.

Bio-based adhesives

It is even possible to develop biobased adhesives for pallet stabilizations, but the anti-slip adhesive will have to yield to hot melt in some areas. For example, a biobased anti-slip adhesive will be much more clearly present on packaging. One can think of glues based on starch, saccharide, gelatin, or a combination thereof.


Water-based adhesives and hot melts are already used on endless packaging, such as many cardboard boxes, and as label glue on jars and bottles. Sometimes these adhesives are included in the recycling process and become part of new paper, sometimes they are captured in the recycling process. In any case, the adhesive volume of anti-slip adhesive is only a fraction of the amount of pallet wrap film that is typically used. Saving for the environment and financially.

Support from pallet wrapping experts

Intercol works together with external pallet wrapping experts who know everything about anti-slip adhesives, pallet wrapping films and interlayers. They can calculate what you can save per year by switching to pallet stabilization, non-slip adhesives.

Glue pallet stabilization