Continuing raw material shortages and price adjustments

As can be read in the news worldwide, both the petrochemical and oleochemical
industry continues to face supply restrictions for materials such as waxes, PVAC,
ethylene copolymers (including EVA), VAM dispersions, Polyolefins, resins and all kinds of other products from the chemical sector.

Continued additional disruptions such as Hurricane IDA

The ongoing situation resulting from a disrupted production chain due to COVID-19, logistical problems with ocean freight, a very severe winter and consequent power outage in Texax and higher rather than lower demand during the pandemic is having an impact on our range of waxes, dispersions and mostly
glue. As a result, we continue to be confronted with rising prices for a wide range of products
raw materials. The most well-known recent disruption is Hurricane IDA, which is unlikely to improve the situation.

Intercol Adhesives

Price increase inevitable

The impact of these increases is so severe that we have no option but to analyze our costs on a monthly basis and adjust our prices accordingly. As a result, price changes will be made for all deliveries.