Replacing solvent-containing adhesives

Solvent-based adhesives are still widely used for the production of furniture, automotive and textile products. These solvent-based adhesives can be replaced by, for example, hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives work very quickly because they work on the basis of cooling. The hotmelts usually have a temperature of 120°C to 160°C, but they already cool down in the air to ambient temperature due to the swirl application.

PSA, EVA or Polyolefine hot melt

The temperature also depends on the amount of hot melt glue that is applied. The different types of hotmelt are available in non-adhesive to highly adhesive (PSA) hotmelt types. PSA hot melts do not require heat reactivation to bond with the second substrate.

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Swirl hot melt application to replace solvent glue