Intercol offers a wide range of products that can be used for gluing textiles. In particular, hot melt lamination and coating are often seen applications with our products, these are both thermoplastic and reactive hot melts.

PUR Hot Melts

Polyurethane hot melt adhesives meet the highest demands of a
glue connection. The wide bonding range, the high initial tack, even when the adhesive amounts are minimal. This is also combined with good temperature and chemical resistance.

Thermoplastic Hot Melts

Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are usually customer specific
adapted to meet the specific requirements of a
individual application. In consultation with our customer, we develop hot melts that meet the special quality requirements set for the product.

We often take the following factors into account:

  • Glue bond strength
  • Fire Retardance
  • Breath stability, air permeability.
  • Sterilization processes

Dispersion adhesives

Several of our dispersion adhesives ensure optimal adhesion of two textile layers, this usually concerns:

  • Self-adhesive adhesive layers
  • Inline coating and lamination
  • Precoating and heat sealing

Many applications require a customer-specific adaptation of our product.

Textile coatings

Many of our coatings consist of VAC, V/ACR, ACR, PU and resin based polymers. Depending on the customer-specific request, it concerns, for example, a base or top layer.