Wage production

An innovative service from Intercol for other companies is that our expertise and production capabilities are also available to other companies. Intercol has a modern 1200 square meter certified production space. Our R&D facility is equipped to consistently produce batch-to-batch production batches. We have the process capabilities to handle the full spectrum of viscosity and thixotropy, from simple mixing to high shear mixing at high temperatures. Our standard packaging forms vary from full tankers to 25L jerry cans.

Quality control

Intercol maintains a high degree of quality assurance thanks to its fully equipped laboratories, including the possibility of testing.

Quality assurance of water-based polymer products

Renowned references

Intercol produces for a number of worldwide companies. We treat every customer confidentially and strive to meet individual requirements. Our extensive knowledge and production capabilities in the field of dispersions and other waterborne products have also contributed to more efficient production methods and the resulting cost reductions for our customers. To maintain our leading position in this field, we have a state-of-the-art research and development center with multiple laboratories dedicated to quality control, product development and trial production of specialty products.


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