Water-based packaging adhesives

Intercol is a producer of water-based adhesives. Many of these adhesives are used to produce and seal packaging. With water-based adhesives it is important that the water can dry. In practice this can be done well with materials such as

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Textile
  • Fiber material
  • Natural materials such as coconut, plant fibres, grass, straw, etc.

What types of water-based adhesives are there?

Water-based adhesives have an adhesive that is dissolved in water. In fact, they are not always solutions, dispersion adhesives have an emulsion state.

Dispersion adhesives

The most commonly used type is a dispersion adhesive, dispersion adhesives are usually liquid white and can give a transparent (plastic-like) adhesive film after drying.

Starch glues

Starch glues can be based on, for example, corn, wheat or potato starch. These glues can also be mixed with each other or even under certain conditions with specific other glues, such as dispersion glues, casein or dextrin.

polyvinyl alcohol

Polyviny alcohol adhesives also have a fossil origin. The properties of polyvinyl alcohol often correspond to those of potato or wheat starch glues. Polyvinyl alcohol adhesives have unique barrier properties, making them suitable for use as a coating on paper and films.

Water-based adhesives for packaging