Water-based dispersions bio-mass adhesives

Water-based dispersion adhesives, like VAE, PVAC and PVOH are based on raw materials like ethylene and acetic acid. Most commonly these raw materials are made with fossil materials, but technically it is perfectly possible to create these from renewable resources. Therefore Intercol offers up adhesives that are up to 100% from renewable resources with the mass balance method. These can be accompanied with 3rd party certificates.

Biobased adhesive according to the mass-balance method

Other bio-based possibilities.

It's also possible to use raw materials such as starch, cellulose or protein as biobased waterborn adhesive.

Are these adhesives Biodegradable?

These biomass-biobased-adhesives can be biodegradeable in combination with other biodegradeable materials, such as used with corrugated board, paper, wood and bio-plastics. There are several referral projects using these UAE technology and having passed several biodegradeable tests.

You can also read about these products at www.biopolymers.be