What is the difference between gluing and welding

Glues are even used for the construction of the aircraft. Adhesives save weight, are easier to apply and do not affect the structure of the material. Adhesives can adhere well to even the thinnest materials such as aluminum foils.

Advantages Glue connection?

  • A good glue connection is stronger than a weld
  • Compared to the weld, the glue does not change the material properties at all.
  • Tension lines are prevented
  • No extreme heat is introduced into the material.
  • Glues can realize a weight saving.
  • Gluing processes are often relatively easy to automate.

Critical note of adhesives

Adhesives require a grease-free surface, many types of metal contain a grease layer due to previous process operations. Metal surfaces will have to be degreased.

The process is a very important point, unlike with welding, there is little optical control possible. A good bonding process gives a good result.

Intercol & Metal adhesives

Intercol is a producer of hot melts and water-based adhesives. For example, these adhesives allow metals to be made self-adhesive (the same adhesives used for the production of double-sided tape).

Intercol does not supply constructive or electrically conductive adhesives. For this you can go to the electrical glue application specialist; the company Permacol in Ede.