What is wallpaper glue?

Wallpaper glue is available in various types, it is for sale as a dry powder that you can mix yourself, it is also available in more advanced compositions that are liquid.

powder glue

The powder adhesives are usually cold soluble powders that mix with a large amount of water. The final adhesive usually consists of approximately 90% water. Powder adhesives are limited in composition, because many additives for our adhesives can only be applied in liquid form.

Liquid glue

Much more advanced bonding techniques can be incorporated into liquid adhesives. Adhesion enhancers can be added to the adhesive that allow adhesion to steel, glass and plastic substrates. In addition, the adhesives can contain relatively less water (as desired) and can be set to dry more quickly. Optionally, waterproof, fire-resistant and rust-resistant agents can also be added.

Industrial adhesives

Wallcovering adhesives and wallpaper adhesives are also used for industrial applications. Such as for the production of wallpaper and ready-to-use wall panels.

Glue advice

The best glue advice can be found on the wallpaper you buy and the store where you buy this wallpaper. Intercol is a supplier and developer on an industrial scale. We develop adhesives in collaboration with wallpaper manufacturers.