Which adhesive bonding system to choose?

There is a choice of multiple thousands of different adhesives in the world, only at Intercol, we already have over 1,000 hot melt adhesives and over 1,000 different waterbased adhesives. So which one to choose?

DIY Market

The DIY Market is ideal for repair and single projects, you will find probably an adhesive that will bond to your substrates.

You won't find Intercol in the DIY market, we might have supplied bulk materials for eg white PVAc Wood Glue, our we cooperative in private label products such as wallpaper adhesives, waterbased coatings and other waterbased polymer products.

When to use an Intercol adhesive?

Our adhesives are most used in industrial production processes like:

  • Packaging (food, consumer products, parcel boxes, industrial palletizing, etc.)
  • Furniture production
  • Building materials manufacturing (eg insulation panel assembly, geotextiles)
  • Textile industry, laminations, etc.
  • Bookbinding and graphic industry
adhesive for industrial process

Which adhesives are ideal for industrial production processes?

Most industrial processes like the properties of different hot melt adhesive solutions. These hot melts are environmentally friendly because there is no use of solvents. In basics, there are three different groups of hot melt adhesives.

  • Thermoplastic hot melts, that melt and become fluid at warm temperatures (from 50°C to 200°C), and quickly solidify at room temperature after being applied
  • PSA hot melts, that stay sticky after cooling down, like pressure sensitive tapes (mounting tape, packaging tape, duck tape)
  • PUR hot melts, that cure after solidification. The curing process increases the bond strength, chemical resistance and heat resistance