Intercol and DS Smith approaching “zero defects” on inline folder gluers

The new adhesive ensures perfectly glued boxes

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  • Intercol
    • Henry Mensen
  • DS Smith
    • Robert Smith
    • Bjorn Reudink

The expertise of an adhesive manufacturer results in perfectly glued boxes.

By means of new glue and improved settings, corrugated cardboard manufacturer DS Smith in Eerbeek and adhesive supplier Intercol approach zero defects on the production line for corrugated cardboard packaging. The results were reached after six months of testing. The new approach must ultimately lead to increased efficiency among DS Smith’s end customers in mainly the food processing industry.


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Zero Defects Required By Market

The far-reaching automation process at customers’ demands good quality boxes

says Robert Smith from the DS Smith Business Support department in Eerbeek. High speed box erectors are more and more sensitive to failures. We supply millions of boxes per quarter to some customers. One incorrectly glued box can paralysis a production line. That’s why it is very important that every box is perfectly produced and has an optimal bonding. In our industry, an integral quality approach is indispensable and bonding is an important part of this process’.

Optical Glue Verification

In the packaging industry, glue on the inside or outside of the box causes the so-called in- and out-side-gluers. These are boxes that do not open in case erectors or stick together on it’s stack.This is at the expense of production speed and leads to downtime. Goods cannot be delivered on time, resulting in empty supermarket shelves. This project is an important step in our zero defects approach and a good addition to our previous invested process control parts. says Bjorn Reudink, production manager at DS Smith Eerbeek

Significantly Fewer Microstops

By means of a pilot on one of the inliners DS Smith compared the standard adhesive used with Intercol’s new Superjet 900 adhesive. The advantages on the adhesive behavior and the smaller number of micro stops were the decisive factors.

The staff’s doubts about the new adhesive were quickly dispelled.

Subsequently, several machine modifications were made to further increase the reliability and work was done on an adhesive pressure curve that adapts to the machine speed.

Linear Glue Curve

‘We have introduced an adhesive that is optimized for this high accurate adhesive applicators and we have set a linear pressure adhesive, which is linked to the machine speed,’ says Henry Mannen, Technical Sales Manager at Intercol. That ensures that the adhesive pressure always matches the speed of the processing machine, regardless of whether it is running slowly or at full speed. Such an adhesive curve creates calm for the operator and reduces the risk of errors. An additional advantage is that the Superjet 900 adhesive contains a food-safe detection pigment, which can be applied to both white and brown cardboard ‘

Team DS Smith and Team Intercol in front of an inliner folder gluer

Higher Standards

The cooperation is part of DS Smith’s process of raising production standards worldwide, both in its own production and at its customers’ sites. In the PackRight Centers we work together with customers on designs and packaging. Solutions that not only ensure an efficient use of resources the packing process, but effective in other link Solutions that not only ensure an efficient use of resources the packing process, but effective in other links of the supply chain.

An integral quality approach is indispensable

Superjet 900 adhesive contains a food-safe detection pigment that is detectable on both white and brown cardboard.

Extensively Tested In The Laboratory

The packaging industry is constantly faced with required improvements in the areas of effectiveness, food safety and the environment. Adhesives such as the Superjet 900 play a major role in this. This series of adhesives is extensively tested in the laboratory of Intercol on identical adhesive equipment such as those on folder gluers. By means of lab tests and practical results there is one optimal result achieved in the field of adhesive splashes, machine starts and-stops, consistent adhesive application and a high wettack.

Food Safe & UV Detectable

Also Superjet 900 complies to regulation EC / 1935/2004, GMP, REACH and PIM. An additional advantage of the new Superjet 900 series adhesive is that it are detectable on white, brown and recycled cardboard, so that detection systems can verify the application of glue.

Optical brighteners in cardboard can cause problems with standard detection pigments

explains People. Our glue contains a food-safe detection pigment. This is unique, because many adhesive manufacturers usually exclude the UV pigment from the food safety declaration ‘. Intercol offers local support in the implementation of adhesives in Europe. From Hungary, Italy, Spain to England and Norway are already customers who’s efficiency have increased by the using the perfect adhesive in combination with the right settings.