PVOH – Poval blending

Intercol’s R&D is well known with a wide variety of polyvinylalcohol blends. We develop and produce blends with other waterbased polymers like PVAC, EVOH and starch. Final products are special formulated with adhesion promoters, defoamers, fillers and fibres to get the desired end product with specific properties.

Poval blending in factory of Intercol

Polyvinyl alcohol (polyvinylalcohol, PVOH, Poval) has a variety of applications ranging from paper, packaging and textile industries to construction, adhesives and the oil and gas industry.

Film forming characteristics

PVOH is water-soluble and can have specific colloidal characteristics, excellent film-forming properties, and high tensile strength. Depending on its formulation it is resistant to heat and organic solvents. Flexibility can be reached with certain grades or be formulated with special blends.

Adhesives & Coatings

Other PVOH grades are widely used in diverse applications with water absorbent substrates like adhesives for paper, wood, textiles, leather. Some special applications include photosensitive coatings, molded products; water-soluble, gas-tight films; paper and paperboard; and binders for pigmented paper coatings, ceramic materials, and nonwoven fabrics. 

Hydrophobic grades

There are special polyvinyl alcohol grades that are hydrophobic, these are water-soluble and absorb relative little humidity.